The lovebirds of the most common birds among the birds that you can have as a pet.

  • These animals are well known for their intense love for their life partner. That is, once they find a partner they do not separate until they die.
  • Unlike another type of bird that cannot get out of the cage without escaping, lovebirds are affectionate, they like to go out, play. Make fun rides outside or inside the cage.
  • They are the dogs of the air in terms of training. With patience and dedication they can learn orders such as going up, coming or picking up objects. Are you ready to show off your bird with your friends?
  • If you want to take a good bath, take your lovebird with you. These little ones love water and getting under the tap. As we have been commenting they love to play.
  • Not everything was going to be good, some of these birds can become very territorial with their space, showing an aggressive character with other animals or unknown people.
  • Unlike other birds, it is very difficult to know their sex, a DNA test is practically the only thing that can identify their sex safely.