An animal whose natural habitat is exclusively in Australia. 

Kangaroos are marsupial mammals. This means that the baby, once born, finishes developing in the mother’s pouch, also called a marsupium. In the stock market will remain about 8 months. In the last period it only returns to the bag in situations of danger. 

Kangaroos have only one calf at a time. However, they may have an embryo in the uterus in a “standby” state, which will not begin to develop until the older sibling has left the pouch.

Its population in nature varies depending on the abundance of water. In times of drought it decreases drastically. This is partly due to the kangaroo’s ability to produce sperm. If the time is not propitious, this production decreases. 

They are mainly nocturnal animals. This means that they will go in search of food when night falls. 

In the Parrot Garden we have two types called Red Kangaroo.