All cockatoos are native to Oceania, the majority from Australia.

Its main feature is its crest, which varies in color depending on the species. This crest is raised by them when they want (because they are happy or because they are scared). They should not be confused with nymphs which, despite being very similar, are not cockatoos. The nymphs keep the crest always high.

With cockatoos it is very easy to find out the sex, as it is easily distinguished by looking at the iris. When they are adults, the females have it red-brown and the males are black. But when they are little, both sexes have it black.

They are very affectionate and good pets, when raised by man. But they are also very destructive. They have a lot of strength in their bills and need to continually break branches.

They are the longest-lived of parrots. They can live 80 years.