The lovebirds of the most common birds among the birds that you can have as a pet. These animals are well known for their intense love for their life partner. That is, once they find a partner they do not separate until they die. Unlike another type of bird that cannot get out of the […]



The distinctive erectile crest of the species expresses the mood of the individual. The crest becomes upright when the nymph becomes frightened or excited, slightly oblique in its neutral or relaxed state, and sticks to the head when the animal is angry or defensive.



It is a species that lives in the savannas and forests of East Africa. From Ethiopia to southern Mozambique. No subspecies are recognized.



Small parrots of which there are about 20 subspecies. They also come from South America.



All the parrots we see here are commonly called parrots. Parakeets are small parrots, usually very boisterous. Most are sun parrots, which can be differentiated by their yellow color, although there are other species such as the Auricapilla. They all come from South America.



Loris are small parrots, from Oceania and whose main characteristic is that they feed on the nectar of flowers, in their natural habitat.  In captivity they are prepared a drink similar to this, very high in protein, in addition to eating plenty of fruit.  To ingest the nectar they use a kind of hairs that […]



Its natural habitat is on the African continent, from which it takes its name. It is also called Yako, a name given to it by Portuguese sailors.  It lives in the rainforests of the tropical and equatorial lowlands.  The gray parrot is the best and most talkative. For this reason it has been captured for many […]



All cockatoos are native to Oceania, the majority from Australia. Its main feature is its crest, which varies in color depending on the species. This crest is raised by them when they want (because they are happy or because they are scared). They should not be confused with nymphs which, despite being very similar, are […]



The military macaw, specifically this subspecies that we contemplate here, the Mexican, is also practically extinct in nature.  Macaws and all parrots, in general, feed on fruits and nuts. In captivity they tend to give them, only, pipes, so they get sick by having a very little varied diet. Pipes are to them like treats […]



It is undoubtedly the most spectacular bird due to its large size, the largest of all psittacines (1.07m from head to tail) and its amazing blue Hyacinth coloration to which it owes its name that contrasts with the yellow that presents on both sides of the beak and around the eyes.  This macaw has an […]